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    Crossover fuel tank system

    Came across these photos recently of original chassis.
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    Gear ratios for the GT40 Mark IV?

    Quote from Mk 2 data records - "A Long 2-dry-plate clutch, each plate 10.0 inches in diameter, transmits torque to the input shaft of the gearbox; a production 4-speed synchronized gearset takes over from there, and finally a set of transfer gears takes the torque to the output shaft. It is the...
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    Transaxle painted?

    T 44 s are Magnesium, so they will be black chromate finish
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    ZF Fitting

    Its M26,
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    Walther GT40? GT40 P1005

    Does anybody know which car the silver one is in the background, and have any pictures of that one please.
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    Ford GTs at Lemans TV coverage

    Has anybody else noticed the numbers of the Ford Le Mans entries !
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    Would this car not have had a Colotti gearbox, rather than a ZF dash 2
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    1040 Info On Website

    Great to see that this car has rebuilt, can any one tell me when we can expect to see it hard racing again, I'd really like to see it having a door handle to door handle battle with chassis 104 which is again ready for some hard battling. Some battle scars to some of the paintwork would really...
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    Andrew, This is an intriguing and fascinating story, but I am getting lost with it now. Are you building 2 replicas, one of "1042" and one of "1001" ? Who made the second monocoque that you have ? as I see that there are quite a lot of differences with bits missing off it and different...
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    Photos of Le Mans Classic 2012

    Hi all, I just come across this in car footage from classic Le Mans with 1005. just amazing, how smooth and gentle are those gear changes. 2012 Le Mans Classic - Ex Scuderia Filipinetti GT40 - Grid 4 - Onboard Qualifying Run. - YouTube
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    P/1108 for sale/sold (good detail photos)

    Jim, I think you'll find that mk3 water pipes pass over the lower wishbones and behind shock absorbers, and then pass back into the interior cabin area, but not the fuel sponsons, and then pass down the sides of the seats on the inside of the fuel sponsons. If you look carefully at the...
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    P/1108 for sale/sold (good detail photos)

    I notice that this was also originally a left hand drive chassis, judging by the two windscreen wiper sections at the base of the windscreen.
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    This is a photo of 1053 that I took whilst watching the Tour Auto back in 2004 and is also using the 5 spoke F3L wheels.
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    new to site

    Hi, came across this site earlier this year, there appears to be some very knowledgeable guys here, I am mainly interested in the history of the cars rather than building one though. I loved them as a kid and try to get to see as many as I can at historic meetings.