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    Avid 2000 Road Trip

    How is she performing? if its anything like how she looks you will be fine.....
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    Avid 2000 Road Trip

    2000 miles?... at 200mph you will do it in 10 hours!!!! ;-)
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    Looking for a ZF Transaxle?

    Sold for $28,000
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    Love the videos Andy, dont know how I missed them all but great to watch, I must get my next episode out but as you know filming and editing makes everything 4 times longer to do...... crack on....
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    Front substructure measurements

    I will pop into the shed tomorrow and get the dimensions you need
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Had 2 AZ jabs, last one in June. Summer hols...ok... returned to work for 3 days and.... caught a bad case of COVID!!!!!!!! Lets just say Latte in Latte out for 3 days!!!!!!! lost all smell and taste didn't eat for 4 days, PCR tests isolation for 10 days and today was my first day back at work...
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    Inside Abbey Panels in the mid 60s?

    I could spend hours counting the spot welding here.... thanks James! ;-)
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    Arrangement drawings from grabcad (?)

    I stand corrected (said the man in orthopedic shoes)...
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    Arrangement drawings from grabcad (?)

    Ray spent a long time getting the tooling and jigs correct so I would say as accurate as is possible. I also know he had a few original chassis in the workshop to check.
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    Arrangement drawings from grabcad (?)

    They are cad drawings from when Ray Webber was making chassis based on a CCD chassis imported from NZ.
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    And they put an F1 engine in a van....
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    Drawing or CAD file Ford Engine Block M-6010-BS351BB

    try this?????
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    Left or right treads on the spinner

    Morton is correct it prevents the spinner/nuts coming off due to rotation of the wheels.