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    ZF Trans Fluid Change

    "Before draining the old oil, the vehicle should run for a short while so that any condensed water present can be mixed in the oil. The oil should be drained from a warm gearbox. The oil drain plug is situated on the underside of the axle drive. Before screwing in the plug again, the magnet...
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    ZF Trans Fluid Change

    I have the manual will look tonight
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    Make the Noise!!

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    Monocoque on ebay

    Mike is correct although Ray did have a 80% complete chassis which was produced by David Brown of classic car developments in New Zealand, which I believe Ray also used to produce the jig and 5 more chassis from scratch. I also believe that David Brown produced at least 5 replica chassis...
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    Engine Bay Picture Requests....

    hears what my engine bay looks like....... ;-)
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    Make the Noise!!

    Stumbled across this...careful it's addictive. Two guys one shed and the task at hand involves fitting a 2 ltr turbo corolla 4wd into an original mini shell.
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    Electric Mustang?!?

    Ford to release an all electric Mustang.... Discuss.....
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    Lest We Forget

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    Why des it take so long for some builders?

    Its only been 13+ years for me..... its expensive and I have to save/spend when I can.... life also gets in the way.....
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    Quickest build?

    is my build the longest??? 10 years+
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    Brake Judder!!! What is it? Why does it happen?

    Probably came to this party to late but first on my list would be warped rotor due to overheating.
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Brian, car looks superb...
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    Where does everyone live?

    Plymouth, southwest England....... pop by and look in my shed....