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    CAV GT40 gen 1

    You can get the castings for a solid shift assembly although I'm not familiar with the CAV chassis. You would need to obviously route the shift through the bulkhead and although a solid shift can be used on the central tunnel its easier to mount the gear stick to the right of the driver (in a RH...
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    Engine & gearbox id

    what is your car? GT40? Mustang? engine casting number is on the side next to the sump... if its a GT40 then you have a ZF gearbox??? the gearbox number is stamped on the main trans-axle body this one is a ZF-0 number 135 part of a batch that went to the USA with some Mk 1 road cars. We like...
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    ZF gearbox clutch lever wanted

    I found one a few years ago, the following photos show the 'lug' being brazed onto the arm.
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    Got my vote.....
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #5 - Doc Watson's car

    As I found out yesterday I need a reverse rotation 289 timing cover (the new one I have is wrong) and the reason for the 289 heads is originality, yes I could bolt on some AFR heads and get more power but thats not my build. They will be 'worked on' and have new valve guides and hardened exhaust...
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #5 - Doc Watson's car

    1966 289 heads just arrived (on a pallet) inspect them later when finished work, all the way from Virginia..... postage and tax was more than the price of the parts!!!! but been looking for a good matching set for a few years..... another excuse not to get the engine in the chassis.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #5 - Doc Watson's car

    thanks for that info James......
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    GT40 Steering U-joint

    I think the internals for the rack were from an MG car back in the day (well thats what is in mine) .... also what GT40? if its 1968 It could be a Mk 1,2 or 3?
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    Scott T's build - Safir GT40

    Your car looks like I want my car to look like.... very nice
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #5 - Doc Watson's car

    made a 5 ton press and finally got a metalastic bushing installed in one engine mount...... other one to do then move the engine into the chassis....
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Those engine photos have brightened up my Monday morning no end........ nice James
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    Mk2 nostril hinges

    Is this the correct hinge?
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    If a 917 ------

    did you win?
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    If a 917 ------

    stops the fuel boiling after a hard run on the track?