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  • Andy, it wasn't me that wanted to see a build, it was Robin Hanley. That said, if you are in Plymouth we really should catch up with each other soon and compare notes. Mine is a factory built MDA Mk 1. I will PM you to arrange a get together sometime. Apologies for the long delay before replying but I've been somewhat pre-occupied of late.
    Afternoon Doc, I've just joined this forum and plan to start (as it looks like you did) on the road to owning a GT40 with an engine build. And like you, I'd like to make it as close to original for the GT40 Mk 1 (i.e. SBF) as possible. I've seen what you've done - can you point me in the direction of the original engine specs, if you found them? I appreciate that I'm unlikely to get matching castings etc for reasonable money, but if I can find something close, then I'd be happy. I've just sold a 67 Mustang that I did some engine work on (it also had a 289) and with only a small amount of work I was getting 230bhp at the wheel. I'd like to go further this time! Thanks in anticipation, Kev.
    Hello Docgreat to hear from you. I've tried to add you as a friend, but not sure I did it correctly. Re- Ronnie Spain, I just emailed photographs of the body showing the various colours, plus the fact you could read the registration "VKO 9J" under the last paint layer. I do have a contact email for him, but I'd prefer you email me directly on [email protected] or phone 01306628320 to discuss, as I find it a bore to log into the forum. I think we could do with talking about our projects in any case, so a phone call might be the best option. Best wishes.. Andrew
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