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  • Garry
    I am debating on whether to get the fiberglass tub for my SL-C and I read your comments on the squeaks and rattles associated with the tub. Also, do you think the tub is increasing the temperature in the cab area?

    I'm trying to get an idea of how far away to space the windshield from the body on my SL-C. I used 3/16" spacers to temporarily set the windshield and it looks too far away from the body. See Allans video of Yos's car (toxic green SL-C with LS7). Your windshield looks like it's much closer to the body. Did you use adhesive caulk strip or did you dispense glass adhesive with a caulking gun? Can you give me an idea of how much spacing your glass is from the body?

    Aaron Hamilton
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