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    Engine & gearbox id

    The lack of a casting number MIGHT indicate an aftermarket block, hard to know without pictures. Regards, Graham.
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    Engine & gearbox id

    Nothing on it at all? Very strange. There are quite a few websites that cover this in depth, usually Mustang related but all very informative. Regards, Graham.
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    Alinement rig for home DYI

    Brilliant. Regards, Graham.
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    Mark I Road Cars

    Hi Martyn, E-mail heading your way. Roy Lunn certainly had massive effect within the auto industry so it will be very interesting to hear more about him. Regards, Graham.
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    Mark I Road Cars

    Hi Martyn, John Allen and myself are working on a new book and this topic is covered in some depth. If you'd like to message me we can discuss this further. I would be interested to hear more about your road test. Regards, Graham.
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    Original Mk1 Starter Motor

    Hi Peter, Have you sorted out your flywheel and ring-gear? If not then you are not ready to buy a starter motor which must match your ring-gear. Regards, Graham.
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    If a 917 ------

    Ha, ha, Nice one. Regards, Graham.
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    Engine / gearbox sandwich plate.

    The "scoop" at the top of the Safir bellhousing is for strength, the original bellhousings were prone to cracking in this area. Regards, Graham.
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    This months Octane...

    Ryan, you can get it online. It's not published until tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd June). Regards, Graham.
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    Original Ronnie Spain Book

    Peter, I've spoken to Ronnie Spain and it appears that you've already contacted him. It would have been polite to let me know this. Graham.
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    Hi Brian, The pictures you refer to in #28 are definitely GT40, you can just see the curve of the spare wheel recess which the Mirage didn't have. It's the Drury chassis. Regards, Graham.
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    Professional Car Inspection.

    Sorry Sim, no offense intended. My point is that Ronnie's opinion is true and honest and is based purely on fact and I don't believe that there is anyone else that can give you a more solid opinion. In your opening post you state that "certain details support that this could be the case" for...
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    Professional Car Inspection.

    Hi Sim, I know Ronnie Spain very well and know how he works and the depth of his knowledge. Whatever he has told you about this chassis will be correct, don't waste your money asking for another opinion in the hope of getting a different answer. Ronnie's opinion is not motivated by money nor...
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    Original Ronnie Spain Book

    I'll be speaking to him this week so I will do it then. Regards, Graham.
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    ReCreated FAV Prints

    Different is not the word.