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    Quad 48IDAs on FAV manifold Pic wanted

    Sorry Frank, I didn't know you had this stuff otherwise I would have pointed him in your direction. Regards, Graham.
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    Quad 48IDAs on FAV manifold Pic wanted

    Jay Cushman has all the parts that you need. Regards, Graham.
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    FORD v. FERRARI new book

    I was sent a copy of this book to review and identified a mass of errors (many more than listed above) on just a casual flick through. I pointed out these errors to Veloce who were going to review them and deal with them accordingly, it doesn't sound as if they have done anything! I don't like...
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    Ford GT40 Mk1 technical data

    Get hold of a copy of the SAE Papers for the GT40, everything you need to know is pretty much in there. Regards, Graham.
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    GT40 reference materials

    I sepak to Ronnie on a regular basis and he is alive and kicking! Regards, Graham.
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    I think you're overthinking this. The original system with 2 separate tanks and 2 separate filler caps, took twice as long to refuel particularly as there was a limit to how many mechanics could work on the car at one time. As most (but not all) race tracks ran clockwise, the LH filler was...
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    No the coolant pipes weren't moved and baffles/flaps were used to control any fuel movement. Regards, Graham.
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    No, to reduce the time and manpower required to refuel. Regards, Graham.
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    The X-1 had a crossover system right from the start and it's totally different to the Mk.I and Mk.II systems. Regards, Graham.
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    The fuel crossover system fitted to the Mk.IIs was different to that fitted by FAV to the Mk.Is although the principle was the same. The easiest way to check which GT40s had it is to count the filler caps. From memory, these Mk.Is had it: 1001, 1007, 1017, 1029, 1038 and 1040 plus the Gulf...
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    MK1 vs Mk2 body kits

    Actually GTD produced a Mk.II body many years ago.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Massive achievement, well done. Regards, Graham
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    Gt40 prototype Borrani wheels

    These are the correct pattern Borrani's as used on the early GT40s and prototypes. The later ones weren't chrome plated, they were also painted but the aluminium rim was polished. There are a few sets still around, I have seen them offered for sale in the past but admittedly not recently. They...
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    Transaxle painted?

    No. Regards,
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    Body Fitment

    Hi Steve, The main problem that you have here is that the doors don't match the front clip. The doors are from a kit/replica whereas the front clip has the same curvature (just below the fuel filler) as an original. To save yourself an awful lot of hassle I would ditch those doors and get some...