Bryan Wingfield - Help Needed

Hi all,

Some of you will either know or have heard of Bryan Wingfield. For many years he was custodian of the two Ford-owned GT40s 1008 and 1107 as well as looking after, and restoring countless other GT40s. He had previously owned 1009 and was responsible for running the original GT40 Owners Club amongst many other things.

His Jaguar connections include his own, superb D-Type Replicas and a beautiful recreation of the Jaguar XJ13 fitted with an original engine.

Bryan, who is a very good friend of mine, and taught me much about GT40s, is very unwell and his family require some help with his health care. Everything is explained in this link:

Bryan Wingfield, legend of ford GT40 & Jaguar fund

Please have a read and, if you are so inclined, make a donation.

Many, many thanks.


Graham, I can't find the link in your post. I used to live in the next village to Bryan in France, so if there is any assistance needed there I may be able to assist.