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    small video in french about gtd in the 80....

    it's in french Paul
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    not expensive at all no comment
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    nice to have
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    GT40 Fortyfication Magazine Back Issues ???

    Mike, cd - rom was invented in 1982.... the back issue of Fortyfication are availabe on usb stick from the club, and I got these back issues through Tony Hunt ,but that was last year... perhaps still valid,I don’t know.... Paul
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    John Etheridge - Motorsport Magazine Dec 1975 - An archive article on maintaining GT40s

    Hello, one always learn something on these kind of articles which by the way are a pleasure to read... thanks Paul
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    Hello from a german freshman

    Welcome, Germany has also a good Gt40 club...... I discovered this during Spa six hours this year. and.... happy new year.... Paul
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    Stéphane GT40 French Build

    Bonjour toutes et tous, Hi everybody..... if you like to use a good translator free of charge and use, try : très éfficace ..... Paul
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    need help identifying this small copper line on the AC/Heat exchanger

    Hi, in this tube their is a gas inside similar to r134but with different properties,and as this gaz gets heated up in the tube, when compressor is switched of temporarily the pressure gets up and pushes the expansion valve open compressor starts up again ,r134 flows and cools down the...
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    Do you Remember the Awful Jokes?

    poor us.....
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    Fuel tanks baffle plates in gt40

    Hi all, what size ,and where have you holes in the baffle plates-compartment to let the fuel move from one to another compartment? 10mm hole(s)in the bottom? ..... one hole... more...? 15mm hole(s) towards the top of the tank? at the end of both tanks their will be a baffle plate with one-way...
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    Flywheel and crank mismatched bolt holes

    Hi, look at this , picked this up one day on the net, don't know if accurate or not, but could be a start somewhere it's about crankshaft pre 85 and after 85 with new positions for the holes and bolts Paul
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    SPA Six Hours 2019

    Hi...., on the "Alan Man" I noticed 2 reinforcement rib on the fuel tanks side. any specific reason? an other weird thing... I see un Sunday in Spa .... when they connecting lap top on a gt40.....perhaps jetting the carburators.....
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    Spa 6 Hours 2018 - Night Drive

    English under title paul
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    Spa Six Hours 25-29 sept 2019

    Most off the cars where from UK .... the weather.... also.... but good week-end... Paul