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    U_joint on wheel side cv joint on diff/gearbox side

    Hi, thx for the inputs. so if I understand... 2 cv joints or 2 u-joint composition possible.......
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    U_joint on wheel side cv joint on diff/gearbox side

    Hello all, question for the brave... if i have a drive shaft with on the wheel side an u_joint and on the gearbox side an cv joint ,would it work? How can the cv joint pick up the rotation variance from the u_joint while this one works on an angle? On the genuine gt40 you had u_joint wheel...
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    Red car in Iowa

    Hi, I think this is an 220volt or 11o volt compressor and you need a 12v to 110 /220 volt transformer and you will consume on the 12v battery around 35 amps to power the unit....
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    Kids gt40 cart body
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    power steering ?

    switch only on for maneuvering and switch of while dooing normal driving
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    power steering ?

    like torque,reverse torque inputs from steering rack and effort on return from thé wheels against the rack effort which brings you automatic to return zéro point. while you dont hâve thèse inputs....... your powersteering is in limp home mode and you havé limited assistance only
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    power steering ?

    on a normal situation thèse kid of électric powersteering needs a few décent inputs to fonction normaly
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    Ball bearing help needed.

    Nice to know you got what you wanted.
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    Ball bearing help needed.

    hi, you will find theme here: under kitcar they have the steering ball joints lower and upper ball joints i personnally got good service from them Paul
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    Fabulous 917 film on GT

    Hi all, this website is totally french but the guy's knowledge very detailed .. and know his subject and the jw gt40 experience is transferred to the 917.... paul
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    Mayenne France Kva Mk3

    Mayenne France Kva Mk3
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    Where does everyone live?

    France 30miles from Le Mans passer by are always welkonm Paul
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    Steward Warner rev counter

    Hi Neil, thanks for the info very usefull i have actually 1black wire 1 white with black stripe and 1 green and i supose that this is same as yours! is this an direct connection to the ignition coil ? or is an ignition box needed? Paul
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    Ford Transit

    nice to watch... anno 1971 Paul
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    Steward Warner rev counter

    Hi all, does any of you has the correct wiring diagram for a steward warner rev counter? i purchased this one from e_bay with the idea that wiring diagram was provide..... i was wrong... hoping to receive somthing usefull Paul