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  • John,


    While I am not looking for a cone "yet", I am in the process of having my 2cnd gear fitted with a new synchro ring. It was made undersized and will be machined to fit my undersized cone.....

    If you care to give me a call, I will also be in the possession of another used 2cnd gear and two rings, this Friday eve. I am deep into my -1 ZF at the moment for a couple of things. Good news is that the synchro teeth on all the gears and sliders look incredibly fantastic! Just worn cone on second and slightly worn ring (and probably cone) on third and first.

    I had a friend send them to me via "friend mail" and I'll be meeting up at a holiday party. Whether the gear is good or not, we'll see. But the cone and ring are supposed to be in outstanding condition.

    Santa Clara, CA 95054
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