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  • Hi Ray, I am Oriol Ribalta from Barcelona, excuse me for disturb you, but I am in love of your color GT40. I am finishing my Tornado replica but for me is difficult to find the silver on your car, can you help me? have the name or the number of the paint?
    thanks Ray
    Hey Jac, I sold 6 Mini Coopers so I could go for the Coupe but time and the economy caught up with me. The $ have now gone to bills. And my dear bride refuses to get a new car (lease is up) unless it's a hybrid.
    When I changed the venturis to 40s, it really pepped up the response but as soon as I took off the filters, She started sneezing and coughing in the 2300-2800 rpm range. It pulled beautifully from idle, though, and screamed above 3000. Quieted down when I reinstalled the filters. Finicky little buggers, these.
    Cheers and thanks for the visit!
    Hi Ray, Just been playing around with some of the 'new' forum features. Clicked on your profile & read your 'frapper' page. Coincidental that I was watching an item on Midway Island in the Pacific & how the Albatross species are under threat from 'plastic' waste being washed up on the beach. They reckon that even if we stopped all plastic packing as of right now the stuff would still be arriving there in 30 years time-- I shudder to think what will become of this planet in even 50 years time at the rate we are going.
    That aside I notice you are also going for the Trifecta as well- Cobra/Coupe/GT40-- better do some Hydro research:)!
    Thats it, hope your webers are not causing to many grey hairs!!
    Jac Mac
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