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  • In what year where the CAV Gt40 upgrades performed like steel uprights vs. cast aluminum. Were the upgrades on all cars with build #'s 100 and above. Where is the build number at on the car?
    Hi Johann - please may I have your phone number? I want to talk to you about my CAV in SA. Want to bring it back to the US.

    Gordon King, Johns Island, SC. 843-425-2188 cell.
    Hey Johann,
    Just wanted to mention to you that I really loved the CAV. That's really the one I want to build. Sooooo.... what I'm doing is trying to do everything in my power to get the money together for the CAV. I just didn't want you to think I've given up since you haven't heard from us, it's just gonna take longer than I had anticipated. Took a ride in a MkII a few weeks ago. Once again, thanks for allowing us a ride in it. That'll always be a hallmark in my life.
    Yours in Christ,
    Mark and Lynn
    Hi Johann, I wonder if you're the same Johann I emailed regarding bringing in a twin nostril nose insert?
    if not, sorry for the mistake...
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