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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    Glad You liked it, and thanks God it went thrugh. The young girl at the post office was an all new employee and she said, I hope I do this right because it is the first time I send a package out of the country ;-).
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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    That's SO cool James, thank you very much.
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    Brand new transaxle to a BMW M1.

    Email send Stefan :-).
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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    WOW! now that is a nice gestus Jimmymac, I will rush and give you my address (by the way, You have helped me before, and I am very grateful for that).
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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    Well!. I need to explain my experience with Dave Brown to you. Medio February 2017 I ordered 4 machined wheel hubs, 1 machined pedal housing, 1 machined ZF top cower, 1 (un machined) steering rack and a set of brackets for the rearclip. I paid him in advance for all the parts (and shipping) and...
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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    Is it only me, having problems with goods send from Dave Brown NZ??. I have been waiting for some parts from him for more than 7 month now and when I contact him, he tells me that he will ship my parts "this week", but now he is telling me that he get "send goods coming back" from the UK. Is...
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    Original seat

    I would like to buy an original seat and it is ok if it is in very bad condition as I only need it as a template for making a set for my project. I could do with a copy of original drawings with dimensions...
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    Original seats fabrication.

    I have bought brass grommets, ripstop nylon and an old Pfaff sewing machine ;-) and now I am in the need of instructions on how to make them to original specifications, can someone help me here please...
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    Girling CR

    Would like to buy a set of original Girling CR calipres.
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    ZF 5DS25-2 on display

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    RBT question

    That is good news for me. Thanks a lot Gus :thumbsup:
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    RBT question

    Hi all :-). Does a new build RBT transmission have a serial number?
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    location of VIN nr.

    Thats useful information for me, thanks Rick.
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    Identifying my CAV.

    Well Atle I better wait until I actually have the papers, by now I have only found the number and the previous owner :-).
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    Identifying my CAV.

    Yes it has Atle and the best part is, I have found the VIN number and the previous owner who had the car registered.