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    LED headlights

    I left the existing lights but switched the bulbs to LEDs, headlights and rear lights. One of the easiest and best changes I have made. Very much night and day. I almost hit a black pig at 70mph in the dark (one or two inches off!). That was a big driver to find a solution. It ended up being a...
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    Hello everyone.

    Hi Greg, I am in San Francisco. I have had a CAV for a few years now. Karl
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    Le Mans 1955

    Something well worth watching
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    CAV GT #22, rejuvenation project

    Thanks very much Jasper! That is what I thought it would be. Great to see the pictures!
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    CAV GT #22, rejuvenation project

    Hi Jasper, Can you elaborate on what the modification actually is? Thanks very much, Karl
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    SouthernGT No6

    I found these screens to be really nice for the carbs The price is really reasonable and they work well and look great. The only thing is to bend the tabs out so that they are a tight fit. I had one jump out and had to get...
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    Early CAV brakes - type? pads?

    Jordi at CAV can probably help too. He is very responsive in email [email protected]
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    Early CAV brakes - type? pads?

    I know that the emergency brake calipers are Gen 4 Camaro, with the back cut off to fit. These are terrible!! Not sure if anyone else has used a better solution. I know that doesn't help on the other calipers, sorry!
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    Here is the thread:
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    Fire Extinguisher Mounting

    A Lotus Esprit. Two fire extinguishers were not enough. Timing really is critical. Nobody was hurt. This was during the California Targa this last weekend.
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    looking for a pair of slip on collectors 1 3/4" to 3"

    Hi Marcus, Take a look at the pictures and see if they are what you need. Karl
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    looking for a pair of slip on collectors 1 3/4" to 3"

    Hi Marcus, I might have something in stainless. I bought a pair, but screwed up on sizing. i bought a replacement set and was supposed to return the initial ones for a refund, but i have to confess to laziness and didn't get round to it. They are really nicely made but I need to check the sizes...
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    Anybody using scissor lift to SLC

    Larry, that was my initial reaction!! The look of it..... I haven't made any purchase yet. I was thinking of a two post lift, but the portability is the big sell for me. I have looked for reviews and it seems like the one post lift does well. Engineering wise, there is no reason I can see it to...
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    Anybody using scissor lift to SLC

    I have been wondering about a mobile single post lift: For me it has a number of advantages.