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  • Luke I know you have your hands full with family issues. If you need a break from it We are working on the race car Sat at Ted's and racing at Laguna Seca on the 26 and 27th. Feel free to come and hang out. The rest of your crew is welcome also. Cary 408-210-8082.
    This one should fit.

    Ozmo Engineering RSX Carbon Intake Manifold

    We have been looking for an oportunity to test fit one. Unfortunately it is a short runner manifold and is better suited to forced induction or super high rpm applications. A FAST LSXR 102mm manifold will provide nice gains. A set of Mast Motorsports LXR heads, cam, intake manifold, and 102mm throttle body will put you to 600 whp on a ls7 and 560 whp on a ls3.

    Cheers and let me know.

    G'day Luke
    Congrats on taking up the Superlite distribution. after our chat on the thread about engines choices and cams for the SL-C I had a browse of your website.
    Will any of the Ozmo Engineering intakes fit under the SL-C engine cover, given the rake of the rear clam?
    these ones: Ozmo Engineering

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