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    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    We have a couple of people running megs on the street. Not as loud as you might expect although my one customer told me about cringing when a Trooper pulled next to him a red light. He really soft pedaled it and slipped the clutch waiting for the trooper to go first.
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    FORD G.T. Steering Wheel Center Cap Font

    Charlie, I understand your position, I have been there. However, do you have a license from Ford to use the "FORD G.T." trademark? Having been a licensed Ford trademark manufacturer I understand the issues involved with with this. Rest assured I will NOT be the one to turn you in if you are...
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer Actually NOT Superformance cars, the "Cobras" in the film are but these are RCR builds I am told.
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Oh come on Ron, we did give Bob a test and he WAS able to identify a "GT40". Plus some bad people (like me and Ron S.) have tainted his threads with pictures of ACTUAL CARS!
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    If I recall the only GT40 HF II is reputed to have ridden in is a MK I roadster so doubt Miles took him for a spin in a MK II but it is a "movie" after all......
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    Correct? No, Shelby didn't "design" the GT40 but looks entertaining!
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    Cars? We doan need no steenkin' cars! Bob is only here because likely he has been thown off the other forums he infects! I don't have problem with his politics, he is entitled to his opinion, it is that he only exists here to spew his ideology. Liberal or conservitive, you are entitled your...
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    SPF GT- Water/air sealing, the "DIY" thread

    Bumping this as some have asked about sealing the bulkhead. This is easy to do and make a real difference in heat intrusion. The more you keep out, the easier it is to cool the cockpit so well worth the time and effort and frankly easy and very cheap to do. We do still have the A/C seal kits...
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    GT40 Shift knob emblem/lapel pin/tie tack, etc.

    Yes, we can do 10 MM, 12 MM and fractional sixes as well
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Oh, you are asking for "Bob"to actually read and understand the stuff he posts! Not gonna happen....................
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    Colours Codes

    That paint was done post FAV so likely no codes on file. Perhaps the shop that did the restoration can help?
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    May Niki Lauda rest in peace

    Here is Niki from my Nikkormat. And some other USGP shots. I have some more of Mario, Chapman and Ronnie Peterson. Mario signed the one to me as a "thank you" for a print of Ronnie and Mario I gave him (A good friend is close to Mario) as Mario holds Ronnie in highest regards and has said he was...
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    May Niki Lauda rest in peace

    Had some close encounters with Niki at the USGP when we used to be in the McLaren pits for the race (Bill Smith who was a partner in McLaren International at the time was a family friend) so had the chance to see him up close. Always seemed to be very intense. When my wife saw him after the...
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    GT40 Shift knob emblem/lapel pin/tie tack, etc.

    Bill, We are selling the emblems as indicated above