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    FS USA Weber 48 IDF carbs and manifold

    Sold, thank you!
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    Dave Morton

    This sucks. David has been a pillar here for many years. I had hoped to meet him on a UK trip.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    It's like I'm back in high school, gas is cheap and girls won't come within six feet of me!
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    FS USA Weber 48 IDF carbs and manifold

    Set of four Weber 48 IDF Spanish made carburetors on a Redline intake manifold. Includes linkage and fuel lines plus spare jets and a synchronizing tool. Includes screens and foam filters. These came off a 302 in a Mustang and have only a few thousand miles on them. The Redline intake allows a...
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    FS USA GT40 Logo Floor & Sill Mats

    RHD or LHD?
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    Need hints and advice for swapping fuel bladders

    You must remove the front suspension to install a fuel cell.
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    Brand new transaxle to a BMW M1.

    Keep in mind the input shaft on the M1 is longer than the standard ZF -2 box. This will trash the the thrust bearings on a Windsor in no time if not addressed. Ask me how I know!
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Like these?
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    Formula 1/2 2020

    No denying Ham can drive! Seven titles agree but what is the ratio of car to driver? Would Grosjean be P1 in the Benz? Would Lewis be mid pack in the Haas?
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    Formula 1/2 2020

    Lewis was absolutely knackered when he found out the musical "HAMILTON" wasn't about him..........................
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    Longshot - finding a P1016 Superformance replica

    None available currently that we know about but we can build one for you.
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    SPF Tool Room owners

    Suggest you call me 716.407.0975
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    SPF Tool Room owners

    Yes, I know a buyer. What do you want toknow?
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    SPF MK1 replacement LED Headlight bulbs?

    I have the parts number and the adaptor required. When I get back to the shop on Monday I will post the info.. They do stick out the back far enough that you need to enlarge the dimple on the closure panel. Easily done with a torch and and a round object.
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    Lucas "608 type" mirrors- New with stem

    Still a few of these left.