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  • Hi Rick, I'm Back after some serious eye surgeries. All better now. I hope time has been good to you.
    Grady Wilson TA152
    Mark IV
    Mark IV

    Good to hear from you. Glad all is going better.
    Good Morning Sir, Robert Here.
    Is it only me, or is it true that the forum is way over the predicted time for the new software. Not many administrators seem to be signing in for the past week or so, and the owner hasn't been here for multiple weeks. What's up ? Thanks, Rob

    I hear you have a rubber kit to keep air and water out of an SPF? If you do, can you give me some details on that?


    We have financing available via Astra Leasing and in fact my GT40 is financed that way. It is a term finance with a $1.00 buyout at the end. Actually the same as a regular finance but the title stays with the lease company until the amount is paid off.

    Contact me at 716.407.0975 of [email protected] for more information.
    Hi I have been looking at the Superformance cars for a while now and really like them I had looked into some financing before but really never made any head way as they suggested I use one of my other cars for collateral. Could you head me in the direction to contact someone about financing one of these cars.
    thanks Jamie Furman
    I checked 2125 last night and found the boot had been installed as I suspected. Dennis O had had completed the task.
    Grady Wilson
    Good morning Rick,

    I was at Superformance yesterday to video my #2285 roller arrival. Lance said I should buy the water sealing gasket set you have for MKIs. Let me know how much, including shipping, and where to mail the check, and who to make it payable to, and once the check clears, you can ship to me.

    Also, can you please fix my thread ob the SPF forum. I was soooo stupid to title the thread #2085, instead of #2285.

    I shot a video of the car and other stuff, and will posted it on that thread.

    Thanks, Robert [email protected]
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