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  • Hi can I get some pictures if your
    My GT40 has a Porsche 930 box mated to a 302 (I realy want to make my own as well)
    Thanks Martin
    Hi Richard,
    Craig did a lot of nice mods on his chassis, that's a good one. I never bought any brakes for my car when I picked it up from MDA as I wanted to keep my options open, so I only ever got Craigs.
    If you need advice or need to come and see my car you are more than welcome.
    Hi Martin

    I am picking up the MDA chassis from Craig in the next couple of weeks and was wondering what might be happening with the original brakes MDA supplied you? (As you got to the AP's first)


    Hi Martin,
    Is there any way you can get the measurements I asked for ASAP? I hate to ask but I'm trying to make a decision on a 930 tomorrow (Sunday) and I cant do it without the info. Thank you in advance

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