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  • Hi al,
    i thought was you. I think i remember you saying you were moving west. Business sucks. I'm down 500k in sales in 1 year.... I keep going like the eveready bunny.
    Sold the busa and it never went down but still mustered a 9.63 @ 154 as a street bike!!! Divorced back in 2001. I am engaged to an angel. The world would be a better place if women were more like her....
    Life is great except i haven't seen my kids in almost 1 year...... Oh well.
    Call me sometime @ 781 248 8946
    all the best to you al,
    Mike, How the hell are you? Do you still have the Hayabusa? I moved to Tucson in 2005 after a nasty divorce. Did you finally settle yours? How's the business? Don't forget to vote for Brown tomorrow! Hope all is well, Al
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