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  • Dear Sir,

    My name is Marcin Fedyna and I am building a Hermsen GT40 in Poland (Europe).

    The reason I am writing to you is that you have a contact with John Tiemann, who owns and races a DRB GT40 in open road races.
    His car has a perfect stance that I would like to replicate on my car.
    I know that Mr Tiemann is not on this forum and therefore I am unable to ask him directly.

    Is there a chance you could ask Mr Tiemann about the wheel set up he is running (wheel manufaturer, rim size , ET) ?
    He also has a Ford GT looking diffuser that I would also like to install.
    Is it really a Ford GT diffuser directly off a GT car ?

    I would be grateful for any help.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards
    Marcin Fedyna
    Im going the route with the JDM motor and transmission. I couldnt find anything on ebay, Can you help me out a bit? thank you.
    I have a problem with pump fuse, when I run the AC the car stopped. The fuel pump d'ont work. I have the car stopped at the house door. do you know where are the fuse box. is the AC fuse or the pump fuse? haw its possible to fix the problem. a instalation electrical indepent for the pumps and the ac?. thanks for your fast answer. jm Rubio

    This is my car here in Spain

    Álbumes web de Picasa - JM - GT40 SUPERFOR...
    Hi Jack , fall is a great time of year . End of Sept.& Oct is beautiful with the fall foilage in peak. Some places on Cape Cod may shut down by the end of October but most are open? I'm in Greenwich CT so everything is year round here. There are only a few GT 40 here but lots of Cobras so it would be fun to get a ride together. Let me know what your plans are. Thanks Rick
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