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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Looks awesome. I like the wing set-up.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Looking good!
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    What material did you used for filling in the door handles before fiberglassing.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Awesome Aaron!
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    Dan's Build

    Could you also send them to me. I’d appreciate it. Thanks
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    SL-C Owners Map

    Please add one to Manitou Beach, Michigan
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    A/C will not work

    Dan, what regulator did you use?
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    A/C will not work

    The inverter was wrong. The clutch and fan came on as soon as I grounded the wire. Thanks Allan. I agree with you Dan, I had installed easier A/C units.
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    A/C will not work

    Thanks Allan. Will give it a try.
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    A/C will not work

    Been working trying to resolve an issue with the Vintage A/C unit is not working. The A/C clutch is not engaging and the Infinity Rear power cell light number 10 is not appearing when power is supplied. I have checked for the Inverter in the wiring for the fans control and it is there. I tried...
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    Etching Logos

    I also would be interested in a VIN plate
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    Aluminum mesh

    Thanks for the info
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    Aluminum mesh

    What mesh should I used to cover the airbox and the side inlets? Part number and where to purchase would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Graziano transaxle retainer clip

    Thanks Kevin. I have it.