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    Cav 1075

    Wow!!! beautiful car Angelo. Great job Ian... Hey Angelo...You might want to have a painting of that car ( and others ) I know a guy "wink wink " Paul
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    So, is that a mk11 tail or three? it appears to be longer.
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    Kiwi lotto ad,

    What a great! add...thanks for sharing
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    Sliding Down Side Glass Window

    My Lotus esprit (1977 ) has stock power windows. I think the mechanism is out of a camaro ( 70s ) My opening is fairly small and they work fine.I think they would work in a 40 as well. I was thinking of power windows for my ( yet to buy ) GT40. Nice to see someone is already "on it "
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    Dynamic wing - what do you think?

    They didn't use them at LeMans and won! $7000.00 and change. Looks cool but at that price I dunno.
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    GT40 for sale in Alberta

    I just talked to the guy ( email ) he said it was a Sabre/KVA. He purchased it ten years ago (unfinished ) from a guy in Montreal and assembled it. It has a 302 GT40 heads 915 5 spd. and a 650 holley I told him to post it on the forum, don't know if he will or not.
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    would this engine work

    Anyone looked at the new coyote 5L crate engine from Ford for there GT40?
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    Talbot Mirrorrs

    Looks just fine...does the view from this location differ much than the fender location?
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    yet another tire post...

    Personally I don't mind the look. Granted it doesn't look stock but you sure get lots of tire choices. I find it easy to "get my head " around this one. We all have our personal choices. If I could get 15s that worked well in the dry and wet that didn't cost me a second mortgage I would choose...
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    Genuine Mk1 Front Clip & Nostrils

    Re: Original Lightweight Front Clip & Twin Nostril Panel Shipping to Canada would kill me. Otherwise I would bite.
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    yet another tire post...

    With the 17" wheels you have a much larger choice of performance tires. Granted 17" are not stock for the car but if you want the performance in dry and wet conditions I think that's the way to go. At least when I'm ready to go Gt40 I'm going with the 17" wheels.
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    Yeah, I'm liking this look.Great combination
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    Once upon a time in St. Catherines, Ontario Canada

    I've seen this before...pretty cool
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    How closely did the MK11 front clip fit to the rest of the MK1 body ?
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    Yes, the one with all the photos