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  • Hi Paul, you inquired about my car and I thought back then it would be running soon!
    I am still waiting for the exhaust pipes but once it is running I will get some good pictutres.
    Hi Paul

    Hi Paul

    Yes I can send you some pictures of my car. A magazine did a photo shoot in the summer but it was raining so they made my garage into a studio. However the shots are good and atmospheric! I also have action shots. You need to let me know what kind of shots you would like and also an email address to send them to. The only conditions are that the pictures are not to be posted anywhere on the internet and if you are doing this for commercial reasons and make a run of prints, you send me one. Please confirm you are happy with these conditions when you next reply. Can you take big downloads or should I parcel each picture into its own email? Did you paint your avatar picture? It is good.

    Kind regards

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