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    GTD balljoints

    Good morning, Simon, I had just called Frank (Catt!) enquiring about front lower ball joints for my GTD, and he noted that you had just advertised some. I'm extremely interested! If these are still for sale, I would certainly like to hear from you. I shall try to work out how I could pass you...
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    The club ?

    The silence is deafening! So bearing in mind this is an enthusiasts group, here is an invitation to any / all GT40 owners in Scotland or even N England to come together and form an impromptu regional group. There are some fabulous driving roads up here in Scotland, and wonderful locations to...
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    The club ?

    Well, here we are in Feb 2019, and I see John Cleland is still the chairman according to our web site! And there are other oddities. Under 'Our Club'/'About Us', the text begins 'Recent publicity...', so I lookd for a date to put this into context. Nothing. Under 'Latest News'. the last items...
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    Fitting A/C unit

    I can add a little to this. I have a GTD which had a low spec a/c unit installed. Useless, it was! So I designed an upgrade for it, and obtained additional parts (condensers, hoses, unions) from FenAir at Kings Lyne, and had the whole thing recharged with a local compny in Scotland, where I...
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    a/c wiring on a GTD

    Siimon - thank you very much! Now all I have to do is understand it :-) I note it is of much greater clarity than the complete wiring for the GTD - I don't suppose you have a full wiring diagram to the same standard? The one I have is hand drawn, and shows the blurring effect of multiple...
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    a/c wiring on a GTD

    I wonder if anyone has the wiring diagram for the a/c side of the GTD? I am referring to the original installation, small condenser on LHS of car in engine bay (now being thrown out!), with a binary pressure switch. I am in process of upgrading the system but am a bit in the dark over the...
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    Le Mans Classic tckts for sale, plus parking

    Due to a forced cancellation, I have a pair of admission tickets for the full weekend, including paddock, available for sale. I can split and sell one set only if there is interest. Also available is a GT40 area parking permit for the full weekend.
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    Le Mans Classic 2018

    With regard to Mike's question regarding parking for 'street' GT40s at Le Mans, yes there is - and more to the point, I have one such permit for sale, covering the entire weekend, area Yellow. I have had to cancel my visit. Contact me, sale at face value. Also two sets of admission tickets, all...
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    YOUR Club AGM

    I wonder what support there might be for web casting this very important meeting? There must be many members who cannot attend but who would nevertheless like to take some part in the meeting, even if it was just as an observer, via a web cast.
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    max safe revs from a 302

    Been away, and just caught up on some later contributions, for which I am very grateful. Most helpful - thanks all! Happy to report my use is well clear of the danger zone... Peter
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    Farewell Message

    Just another note of appreciation. As a recipient of the much-valued magazine, it is so often easy to overlook the hours of work spent producing the thing. So a big thank you from this member too, David. Leaving the 'production team' is one thing, but selling your GT40 is entirely another...
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    max safe revs from a 302

    Thanks Dave, but I KNOW you have some neat valve gear under those valve covers! Peter
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    max safe revs from a 302

    Just wondering... I bought the car a while back, and cannot get detailed info on the engine internals. Moderate power (250), 4-barrel Holley, conventional valve gear. Of course max revs will go well past peak power, but on our lovely deserted Scottish roads :-), I'm just wondering how high I...
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    Cable connections on the UN1 gearbox

    Spot on, Dave! Now I have a higher final drive, I suspect 1st will be the gear of choice on that last bend. Just a shame I don't have an LSD. See you on Sunday!