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  • Yes it is still for sale. Howver I have a buyer trying to work out finacing, So the bottom line is that the first person that comes up with the money gets the car.
    I will set your wbbers up!!my service is Free if not satisfied. I have had tunned Webers for the past 20 yrs. One thing were your wrong, once you set Webers correctly or as close as you can, very rearly you need to touch them. My 66 Shelby has been running 44IDA's for the past 25 years. Rebuilt them once ad check airflow 2 times in that period because I WAS BORED . Webers being hard to tune is a myth. You just have to know what your doing. Yes it takes alittle more work but the WOW factor makes it all worth while. I still go to sneak a peak at my cars before heading off to work..

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