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    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    TOPICAL THREAD I have driven partially cross country, Chicago-W. Nebraska and some Las Vegas area Driving on the BFG’s. I consider the BFG’s definitely dangerous on the GT 40. Have had them snap getting on on-ramps even taking it easy on the throttle hot or cold days. It was my first...
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    Electronic Fuel Injection aftermarket and retrofit

    I would highly recommend calling Dave Erlich at Autotrend EFI (530 642 0999). He has extensive experience as a tech rep and installer with several brands from The beginning of EFI. He has a wealth of experience with this subject. And with Holley EFI.
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    SPFs in So Cal

    Good idea Mike. I attended some of the Ford GT national meet in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and it was really fun, parties, car show @ Shelby, day touring & Track days.. was thinking GT40's and Daytonas doing a like meet would be an interesting event...we have great scenic tour loops...
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    SPFs in So Cal

    Hi John & Mike, There are two of us here in Las Vegas with SPF GT40's and Daytona Coupe's. Might be fun to attend the Edelbrock show with one or the other car's. or like our Daytona coupe reunion 2years ago, have one with with '40s & Coupes somewhere in our [email protected] Superformance...
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    mastershift paddle shifting issues. . .

    Ditto the others! Might add to call Lloyd Butfoy, owner and builder of RBT ZF Transmissions. He was great helping me with my own shifting problems. Being virtually a one man operation, he can miss phone calls when in the shop. Persistance however, pay's! @ 714 630 2450. Dennis Olthoff is...
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    Interested in wheels and tires 4sale. Please send pictures...fits Superformance GT40's ?. I...

    Interested in wheels and tires 4sale. Please send pictures...fits Superformance GT40's ?. I have a MKII P2127...track time or street time on tires? Rich Carr 702 524 9482
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    RIP Bob Hoover

    Not mentioned above, Bob also put on his great airshow in a Sabreliner Corporate Jet. I had just started flying one and was picking his brain about them in the pits at Reno where I was an unlimited tech inspector one year. I'm sure he tired of all my questions but answered every one patiently...
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Thanks Blas for answering my various dumb questions and processing my order quickly! Can't wait to get laminating! Lol.
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    Want 8 stack EFI

    Dave, I have had great success with Autotrend EFI, Dave Erlich northern California.will even put a wiring kit together and ship to you.
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    Wilwood part #

    I am in the middle of replacing my master cylinders with Tiltons. Several experts highly recommended them over Wilwoods. Clutch .700 & Brakes .625 & .700. Wondering what's the best way to flush the whole system before filling and bleeding new fluid? Changing to Tiltons three chamber reservoir...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    I think Fran's next car should be a replica of the Jaguar XJR 15! Love the longitudinal V12, F16 canopy looking top...Used to maintain one and got to drive it more than owner did... Intoxicating! Keep up the good work!
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagram

    Where on the underside of body panel can I find the three didgit body panel number? Having an early car (2127) I have just completed numerous elect. Syst. mods, many garnered from this valuable site, and will compile and submit to you soon. Happy Holidays to all! rcarr, P2127
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    Superformance Forum to be discontinued

    Terrible, Terrible there not another way to keep this invaluable collection of SPF GT 40 info. Together!!! Before scattering least here info can be searched by line As some of title headers are misleading. For we do-it-yourselfers this is the go to source! In lieu of no factory...
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    Wanted: Used/New Accel DFI Gen VII ECU

    Thanks Mark, Haven't found a replacement yet, still looking, might have to chat. I sent you a PM. Hope you got it, if not let me know contact info. Thanks, Richard Carr P2127
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    Wanted: Used/New Accel DFI Gen VII ECU

    Anyone have a lead on a used or new ACCEl DFI GEN VII ECU ? Richard Carr GT40 P2127