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  • I am a slot car collector. I have been trying to find and/or build a 1/32 model of the Ford GT40 that raced art Daytona in 1965. (103 and104?). All of the models I have located feature a later body style with the more rounded nose. I have a kit of the car that raced at lemans in 1964 with the high "split" nose that might serve as a donor. Can you recommend a source for drawings that compare the front clip on the two cars?
    Hi Ronnie:
    I would like to quote you n my new book. Can I e-mail you short cahpters on GT40? Also do you know about 1011, announced in Autoweek just bought by Teske. Is it the same car from a form note below I found on some website (maybe this one?)
    where some guy said he bought parts and rights from Lee HolmanJr. in 2006-7? Like to know how much Teske paid and if it's a real hull, not just "parts and rights." I will be glad to mention your latest book in the chapters if you can read them. Wallace Wyss
    [email protected]
    Hi Ronnie, I would like a signed copy as well. I've been battling cancer for 5 years but I'm waiting on the arrival of my CAV GT and any other memorabilia I can secure relative to these cars....it's what keeps me going.....Hey, my race isn't over and I have many laps yet to go!! Thanks, Mike K.
    Mr. Spain:

    My understanding has always been (via your book, personal recollection, etc.) that chassis# 102 was destroyed in a crash with Sir John Whitmore driving. Was the car tossed in the bin, or has it been resurrected?

    Thank you
    Dear Ronnie, I wrote you a few weeks ago concerning the search of a GT40. Could you please provide your e-mail as I would like to write you concerning two cars that are in my eyesight and would need your assistance to in helping to choose the one.
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