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  • Why not use a FRK then? These are reconditioned, so probarly better.
    Cheaper is always better, but these I could locate fast, if you want a used cheaper one I need to call a lot of scrapyards and everyting and I'm not assured of the mechanical working.

    It's your choice, but I have no possibilty's to check mechanical working of used scrapyard boxes.

    Spring is at the same time here. I already have a HCF that I am planning to use in a lambo replica. I would like to get a 01E and I think the FRK has the best ratios for my engine (BMW V12). So the box will really be a spare, in case I blow up the other, so the cheaper the better
    01X are sometimes cheaper I can get a HCF FYA from a 2l diesel for 1250 approx. If you're using it for a mid-engine kit there are cheaper options than the 1700 dollar diesel 01e with possibly the same or at least almost the same ratio's


    Bram Boekestein
    I've just looked on a website and saw 3 6spd and 1 5spd reconditioned gearboxes for 1700 dollar a piece. But they are reconditioned and all come from a diesel.

    Codes are :
    5spd: 01E GVS
    6spd: 01E GVS
    01E GBA
    01E FRK

    They're expensive. I can try to look for some more, but then give me a budget and prefferd gearbox code.


    Bram Boekestein
    If you give me a gearbox code it will be easier to locate one.
    For the same money I don't know, I don't think so. Is it for an audi or for a kitcar? If it's for a audi give me the type, year and version.

    Some ratio's are on here: Audi 01E Quattro Transmission

    If you know some codes that suit you then let me know.

    BTW pickup could be done. But we can arrange that by spring since it's pretty long away. Although when is your spring? Here it starts in april or something but it will be different for you since you're on the other side of the world :p.


    Can you get the diesel 6spd for the same money? These are hard to get because of the gearing. The wife and I are planning a trip there this spring, perhaps we could arrange for me to pick up a couple while I am there if they are easy to find.

    I can get them, but I'm in the netherlands, I've no object of sending them to the us.

    I can get one for approx. $650 and then it needs to be sent to you that will take another $500 if send by UPS. If you can get cheaper ways to send it I'll be happy to do this.

    Maybe it's cheaper to buy one in the states. It's your money.


    Bram Boekestein
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