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  • Bill,
    Barry Pybas from WIlkesboro, NC. I bought your Kindle SLC build book yesterday, which led me to this forum. Am in the mode you related in your Introduction, where I've researched several cars including the Beck 904, Ultima Evo, FF 818. I would like to see your car and get a sense for how well it fits my 6'4" size, and better understand what you have done. Best regards, Barry 386-847-2871 [email protected]
    This is Papa Bear. At 6' 3 1/2" I had to give up on my dream of a Daytona Coupe. Once inside, there was room. But the low top to the door opening was prohibitive.

    So I am working on an RCR D Type Replica as is Chuck. At least the headroom is adequate.
    John Symonds here from Michigan. Building an SL-C, will post soon, just wanted a bit more progress on the car. Along the line of imitation is the highest form of flattery, my car will be very similar to yours only red and black. As such, I really like the deflector you made just in front of the windshield. I believe you posted that you made a mold for the peice. I would like to make one. Do you have any buleprints, drawing or anything that could help me duplicate our inovation?
    All the best
    John Symonds
    269 823-8992
    [email protected]
    Hi Bill
    Stuart here from Sydney Australia. I had the exact same problem with the window curvature burning my steering wheel. I was at the race track and left the SLC, with doors up, for scrutineering, came back and they told me smoke was coming from my car! It was exactly what happened to you and it was in Winter when it happened.
    I posted it on the forum, however, it was removed by someone.
    cheers Stu
    Trying to order a Christmas present for myself, your SLC book. Kindle does not find it. your FFR 33 Ford is there and your tablet audio system as well.
    Sorry that I missed you when you were in town for Gearz.
    Mike Giblin
    I am Mike Giblin and I live in Franklin TN. I have been poking around the SL-C world for about 6 months. Sue (wife) and I went to Charlotte to see and touch a SL-C and when I get home I find out that the yellow one was yours. Your approach has been novel and I am interested in your dual aft rad cooling. Will look forward to posts when it gets warmer. Is the condenser in the nose? Really regretting that I did not ask you to open the clam.
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