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  • Hey Darnell - If you still have for sale the Bryant 302 crank 3.30 stroke with Honda rod journals, please contact me. Thanks, Richard Bridgette, Huntersville, NC 704-948-9415.
    I forgot to note that I see it comes with a dry sump pan, but the pic you furnish shows an oil filter mount. Maybe it is a genric pic and that is what the confusion is genrated by.
    Thanks again, Woodsy
    Hi, I,m located in Central Il., what is your location? I'm interested in the 351 shortblock that you are offering. Because it is listed as a Nascar type engine, I figured the block was iron, but can't find an iron block listed on their site with 302 size mains. Is it iron or aluminum? While I would purchase the complete assembly, my main interest is in the wet sump 302 main sized 351W block. I have the guts for a 289 build in a 351W block, I have only seen those main sizes in dry sump applications. Because the build is for my Daytona Coupe, it only comes with exhaust for a 351 height and I have been running it for the last decade with a FRRP 351W while I have occasionally searched for that type block.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thanks, Woodsy
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