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  • Hello Dave My name is Rob Sloman, from Kirkland. I brought the first Ariel Atom into the country (almost 10 years ago now) and got it registered. Now WA DOL has rescinded one owners Atom plates (not mine) and the 14 of us WA State Atom owners are fighting the DOL \ taking the DOL to court. There's depositions being held in Seattle on June 29th. Yes this week and the court date is set for July 31st. Also I am finishing up a Scarab (1957) continuation with Small Block Chevrolet engine. I'll be trying to get plates within the month. I saw your effort on this forum in support of SB 5585 - 2011-12 and applaud your efforts. You might have an interst in the Atom proceedings as well as the Scarab process. You can reach me at [email protected] if you are interested in the particulars.
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