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  • Dont know what make the alloy ones are but I have a local guy that supplies all my alloy shocks he works with the factory. Manufactured by protech. I use them on oval race cars and there is a considerable weight saving. the benefit of them is that they are modular. so all parts can be replaced. Top and bottom bearing housing. bodies /stems etc etc. I can also get them valved to any ratio , The valving will not be of much interest on a balanced car but for oval racing all the shocks are valved different.

    If you are needing some give me the dimensions open and closed and the fixing type eg bearing/bush and I will get you a price if you want . They will come with a shock dyno sheet and adjusted to your requirements.
    cheers Robin Little


    I am re-building somebodies abandoned TS40. Spotted your thread on ali panels, just want to check you are using polyurethane sealant [sikaflex 221 as one example of many] and NOT silicone sealant. mistake people make is to go off and use silicon bath sealant. Silicone will promoter the corrosion of materials rather than protect

    Tornado builds include shinny ali panels as instructions, some complete there dream cars then realise what a pain it is to keep clean! and wish they had painted or powdercoated

    Take the above as one of many different peoples opinions, but all the above advise has been gleened from my Kent club members following there experiences

    I trust you have reviewed the following build sites - Andy Greens - Bryn's & Paul waltons. I will do one one day but my computor skills are limited.

    Cheers Karl
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