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  • Hi Troy
    Im interested in the coolant tank? Is it available still and is it the updated one or original design?
    Thank you
    I did not. I put it on hold and I am using a 1uzfe twin turbo as of now. I have it figure out and half the parts, the hard ones. I was going to sell it to a guy who made me like 2 small payments and then never heard anything else. I have the crank, con rods, bearings, pistons, cams and a few other things. So I have the things that take 6-12 months to get made if you are interested in it. I just do not have the time to do it or the money to finish that up with owning a race car and race car team duties, work, family and I need to finish up my SLC which means I really need to start it.
    Hi Troy,
    Did you ever finish the flat plane crank engine? I am looking to build one and could do with help.
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