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    Charcoal inside gas tank?

    If charcoal dissolved in gas (or its vapour) your canister content would be considered a consumable... which it likely is not. You could also possibly get sediment in your gas depending on where you source your gas. You shouldn't be sucking fuel from the very bottom of the tank and you're...
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    SL-C Interior Pics

    I'd like to see more pics of the interior of the light blue SL-C which found its way onto the Facebook page.
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    Scotts build thread

    Hi Scott, That's a tidy looking set up, but consider galvanic corrosion in your heating/cooling circuit when using aluminum and brass together: How to Prevent Galvanic Effect in your Vehicle Not sure if the turbo outlet routing is troublesome for you, but welding a 90 may shorten up your I/C...
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    ^ what he said. Rather eye catching
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    Good jerb. You may have already mentioned this in the past, but what class were you competing?
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    Potenza RE-11 tires?

    Eric, ask around in the paddock and you'll get exactly the same response from the AutoX guys running Hoosiers
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    :thumbsup: More videos required
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    Coolant Routing - Another possibility?

    You also live in a city where 30°C is a hot day. I still want to see your car, by the way.
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    SL-C color

    It doesn't have to happen to everyone. There's lots of successful dip stories I'm sure. It's happened to a couple of people in my circles and there's enough other instances documented on the internet to flag the issue. But I'm not here to post googled links of dip horror stories. Oh alright...
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    SL-C color

    Don't dip anything with clear coat or risk losing the clear coat when peeling the dip off (yes, it happens). Additionally, the texture of dip attracts dust and grime very quickly. If you're going to pay someone to dip your car consider wrap instead. Alternatively, do it properly. Let your car...
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    Air intake tube routing for the race tail?

    Damian, could you argue that the direction of the air intake opening is irrelevant under positive air pressure inside the engine bay of the moving vehicle? Al answered that already:
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    New SLC Wiki

    Try this: Oh, and thanks for the wiki. Great job.
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    Grant's SL-C Build tread

    Ooh, another Calgary member. Let me know if you're planning a mini-meet. I'd love to see one of the cars in the flesh. My apologies for not finding the time to plan a visit Grant. After a rotation on site and the prospect of a seven hour drive home I couldn't face stopping in Edmonton for...
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    Hi Simon, I decided the 2CH unit cluttered up my forward view in my BRZ and was a bit of a pain to fit next to my radar detector. You want them mounted high and somewhat stealthy to deter thieves. It also depends on your vehicle as to how well it fits and how hidden it is. It doesn't fit my...
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    I've used several versions of Blackvue cameras in my vehicles. You can turn the speed readout off so there's only a time and date stamp. I've purchased most of them discounted through MassDrop (example): The...