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    Exoto 1/18 Aficionado 1966 GT40 1-2-3 collection for sale

    Hi all Unfortunately, I have to sell my much treasured GT40 Aficionado collection and want it to go to a fellow enthusiast. The models have never been taken out of the box so are immaculate. There's a slight crease on one corner of the outer boxes but otherwise no real signs of shelf wear...
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    1966 Le Mans Sound Track To The Race- CD

    Released by Decca and written/produced by Hugh Mendl, this LP record covers the 34th Grand Prix d'Endurance which ran on June 18 & 19 1966. When this project was conceived, the producer had no idea what a historic race this would turn out to be, with the mighty Ferraris vanquished and for the...
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    Le Mans 1966 Rare Sound Track LP

    This really is for sharing- a gentleman by the name of Richard Thain has posted a 16 part sound track recording of the 1966 Le Mans race onto YouTube. Richard sent it to me as Chairman of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club and I thought you'd all be interested in listening to it. I wonder if any of you...