1966 Le Mans Sound Track To The Race- CD

Released by Decca and written/produced by Hugh Mendl, this LP record covers the 34th Grand Prix d'Endurance which ran on June 18 & 19 1966. When this project was conceived, the producer had no idea what a historic race this would turn out to be, with the mighty Ferraris vanquished and for the first time ever, American cars filling the first three places with the unbeatable Ford GT40.

Track listing:

The Mulsanne Straight at night

The preparation - and practice session

Prelude to the start - The start - and the first lap

The Esses at dusk

The Mulsanne Straight - the fastest part of the circuit

- and a drink behind the straw bales

Mulsanne corner and the Signalling Pits

The Fairground at 10.30pm - and the Esses again

The pits at 3.30am

The long haul to victory - and the dead-heat that wasn't

Commentary is by James Tilling, with Bruce McLaren, Graham Hill, Chris Amon, Carroll Shelby and the voices of the public.

Incredible sounds of the cars (210mph down the

Mulsanne!) and superbly produced. Close your eyes and you are there!

I've a couple of copies on CD of this LP going spare. Please send £ Sterling 12.50 UK or £ Sterling 14.50 Worldwide (inc. post & packing) to my Paypal account- [email protected] noting your full name & address, and I'll send a copy out to you...



Brian Stewart
You might have to be careful of copyright Andrew. There was a plan a few years ago to distribute CD copies of my LP to GT40 Enthusiasts Club members but it fell over as I recall because clearance was not obtained.
Hi Brian, yes copyright of a sound recording lasts 50 years. As I've only a couple of copies going spare and as the, free to download, 16 episode version is a pain to listen to on youtube, I'm not sure universal Music would be too offended if the spares go to like-minded enthusiasts. Always careful not to upset anyone though... Andrew