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    Bundle of snakes

    SOLD Sold sold sold
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    3D Printing Aluminum Parts

    OK, well not really. But here is what is possible using your 3D printed parts to do 'lost wax' style casting. These parts are for the cooling system on my 1UZ engine. The factory fittings left a lot to be desired for my application. Two of the fittings with sprue and vents. The plastic cup...
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    FS USA Thermo-Tec 11710 24" X 24" Micro-Louver Air Shield

    This one is hard to find... The aluminum Micro Louver Air Shield helps block direct radiant heat while still allowing air to flow into the heat source while the vehicle is moving. The textured patterns created by the micro air louvers also create more surface area for heat dissipation. It...
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    F/S Alum Ford 6L LMP1 Race Engine - SOLD

    Aluminum 6L Ford/Elan LMP1 Racing Engine. As used in the Riley & Scott Mk IIIc and Panoz LMP Le Mans Prototypes. Re-built by Elan with zero running hours. - SOLD 2nd engine still available: 341 engine with Kinsler EFI intake and EFI Technology ECU. 100% new parts. Never run. Based on Ford...