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    Hopefully this is the appropriate forum for this post. I will be visiting Australia in March of next year for a couple of weeks. (Sydney area). My oldest lives there. Since I have to make the sojourn and visit, and it will take precious time away from the garage and my build, I should have...
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    SLC's in Australia

    Just interested in knowing how many SLC are in Australia. I know of about 6 or 7 however assuming there are more. Would be go to get a group going to track others down.
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    Things Are A Little Different In Australia

    Is this a reasonable depiction of Australia? Things are a little different in Australia... - The Meta Picture I have fond memories of my visit to Australia, but that was 25-years ago when I traveled with my father. (Our trip had a definite automotive theme to it. We stayed in...
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    I want a Superformance GT40.

    Hey all. My name is Steve and I am new to these forums. I am currently just a dreamer, however my desire for a GT40 is so high that I know that I will end up owning one sooner or later and I have a few questions. After doing a lot of research, I have decided that I want a Superformance GT40...
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    Australian build

    This is my first post. My business partner (Cliff) and I have ordered a white SLC from Fran. The car is being built at Fran's at the moment, and it hasn't been despatched yet. I'm coming over the the States next month, and looking forward to the visit. But Fran has helped us source an...