Things Are A Little Different In Australia

Is this a reasonable depiction of Australia?

Things are a little different in Australia... - The Meta Picture

I have fond memories of my visit to Australia, but that was 25-years ago when I traveled with my father.

(Our trip had a definite automotive theme to it. We stayed in Sydney with Graham Howard, an automotive journalist. We met John Dawson-Dahmer. He was a nice guy with a lovely collection of Lotus race cars in his shed. We also met a retired panel beater who used work for Williams & Pritchard (they built body panels for Lotus). I don't remember his name, but he helped build a carriage for the Queen for one of her visits to Australia. And we visited a sheep station where there were a couple of early Grand Prix cars that had been sent to Australia and then sold locally instead of being shipped back to Europe.)
Despite appearances, Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world. But having said that, and living in Sydney: we have deadly Sydney funnel web spiders around and sometimes in our house; I have had a kookaburra swoop and grab some meat from a hamburger on my lap; there are bushfires burning around Sydney (hundreds of homes lost two weeks ago) and the city is currently blanketed in smoke; and kangaroos are frequently seen in non-urban areas including on golf courses.

Australians also like to scare foreigners, e.g. Drop bears prefer travellers, says study - Australian Geographic
Bloody kangaroos.

My wagon was written off as a result of one of these animals richocheting from a car in front, landing in front of the wagon, the wagon coming to a halt, and the car behind hitting me up the bum at 80k's.

About the stupidest animals on the planet. You get used to the funnelwebs, redbacks, and all the wretched deadly snakes. The drop bears are something else. And this is without getting your toes wet, where a whole lot more nasties lurk.

Wouldn't swap it for the world.

The only ones that worry me apart from the noahs and joe blakes , and of course the occasional drop bear, are those bloody Mud gekos from up the territory.the rest arnt worth worrying about really.


David Morton

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One of the worst things I ever saw was in Australia. I was in Sydney and having a walk
after a bit too much bubbly at breakfast in the City News. Just as I emerged from the covered area going in the direction of the ocean liner terminal there was an Aboriginee wearing a very long kilt doing something best described as Not Highland Dancing with his mate trying to keep time with a Chanter and a recording on a dilapidated ghetto blaster - blasting out of the Pipes and Drums at one of the Edinburgh festivals. It was truly frightening and I ran back to my room in the hotel just behind Circular Key, got in my room and drew the curtains.


They are part of this group...

[ame=""]Zorba the Greek Yolngu style - YouTube[/ame]

Pete McCluskey.

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WTF, where did you find that Keith? Anyhow a point of order, those chaps are wearing nappies (that's diapers Americans) our indigenous brothers were a Stone Age people who wandered around starkers. Those chaps have obviously been caught by the P.C. Police.