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    Do guys run 411 gears? I will have a 600hp+ car with Avon tires
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    Cav gt40

    Just bought my 1st 40. Looking for tires. I have 15" rims, and I am looking to go wide rear to handle the 600hp. Will the 295 Avon tires grab? Mounted on a 12" wide rim? Any help is appreciated.
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    FS EU Avon & Pirelli Part Worn Tyres

    AVON CR6 ZZ 2off 215/60R15, 2off 245/60R15 & Pirelli P600 fronts 2off 235/60R15 (all less than 50% worn) Call Paul: UK: 07834 760 220
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    Wheel tyre combo

    Has anybody got pictures of the wheels and tyres on a wide body car,any pictures of avon 295 50 15 on a 12ins rims Thanks mark