1. Kim Haun

    Porsche transaxle starter fitment...

    I found some useful info on this site on fitting a starter for the Porsche transaxle. I have a stock Bosch starter but as many of you know the solenoid gets in the way of the Horshoe in the RCR chassis. Hi Torque says they have a starter that will work for my application but I am bulking at...
  2. C

    BN: Complete Driveline Package (G50-52 Turbo 5-speed)

    SOLD SOLD........
  3. M

    Bosch MEC 726 ignition coil Dwell

    Any body have the dwell settings for a Bosch MEC 726 ignition coil, googled it, called Bosch direct, called Motec no one has info. Need the correct dwell setting is everything always so hard has anybody had a tuner set one up? Mick