1. C

    FS USA NOS Girling 16/4 Brake Calipers

    I have a pair of NOS Girling 16/4 brake calipers. Pretty much the standard of the late '60s/70s prototype world including GT40. They are the type with the bolts drilled (for weight) and come with a set of pads of unknown origin. Not new replicas. I will send pictures to anyone who emails me...
  2. KENS80V

    Brake line bulkhead fitting source?

    I'm converting my SLC brake system to ABS so I need to have all the brake lines plumbed on the outside (like the newer cars). I can't find a source for the steel bulkhead fittings that convert from 3AN to 3/8" inverted flare for 3/16" brake tubing. I'm pointing to the exact fitting I need.
  3. M

    Brake Light Switch

    Hello, Does anyone have some pictures (search can't find any), or recommendations for a brake light switch. I am inclined to go with a manual switch based on various reading. Thought about microswitch, that would maybe have some clearance issues and be in the way on the floor mounted pedals...
  4. A

    GTD brake upgrades

    Hi, I own the very first GTD. I see various discussions about brake upgrades within 15" rims but can anyone tell me what GTD used over time on the original hubs/uprights supplied? What are the original (tiny) brakes on my car? Escort? Many people go to Willwood but I am sure even the regular...
  5. G

    Brake Pedal Bias

    Can anyone confirm what is acceptable for IVA test with regards to locking the dual brake bias bar. A) Drilled and locked with a roll pin B) Drilled, locked with a roll pin and a locking nut C) As above but locking nut drilled and locked with locking wire D) Locked with a nut and welded...
  6. K

    parking brake

    hand brake location slc I am using interior tub
  7. P

    GTD40 Tail lights !!!

    Looking for replacement light assemblies. I would like to find the same style. Apparently the guy I bought my from had rigged a secondary brake light switch in addition to the regular one that comes on the brake master. It seems he did this instead of fixing or replacing the normal switch...