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  • Hi Ken, I have all the uprights, make me an offer. I'm in WA state and can ship them quick. Reach out at [email protected] or 408-569-4971
    Thanks for the offer. I have a set on the way to me already. I’ll keep it in mind though.
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    Hi Ken, I think I'd like to take the spindles and a set of hubs..... perhaps both but I have a couple of questions. If you would call we can arrange payment.

    253 474 6536

    [email protected]
    Dear Ken:

    Hi! Early in your build log, you wrote that you were using Corvette instrumentation, including a heads-up display (HUD). How did that work out? Are you using the HUD now? I ask because a HUD seems to be a good solution for presenting a lot of information in a place that is squeezed for space.


    i saw your rear ball joint. its got the safety washer and 2 flat washers. At least 2 people have had this fail. Several of use put a 2nd threaded nut in place of the washers. then the point of contact to the lca is lower and no slop is given for movement. im at [email protected] if you want a pic? btw, when the bj fails the control arm cuts the rim in 1/2. happened to me on track at 100mph
    Hi Ken,
    I did give Alex a shout he did his years ago and it was fairly easy he try to get his 917 registered and it was a no go.
    They asking for bumpers front and back, sun visors, can't have any lexan windows, brake warning lights for low brake fluid, and my head lights are to low to the ground center of light has to be 560 mm from grade, that one might not be do able with out serious mods and then all the typical stuff like horn seat belt etc...
    Hi Ken, Have you tried to register your car yet ? I'm going through the process now.
    Its starting to become a nightmare.

    I noted in the picture you added on the e-brake question I had, what appears to be a speed sensor. where did you source that? Are you using LS power and controller?
    Dear Ken:

    In your build log, you wrote: "The seat sliders sit on top of spacers/washers to keep them about 1/8" off the floor so debris won't gum up their operation."

    You have less than 1/8" of debris on your car's floor????? At all times? Does that include all discarded Coke cans, candy wrappers, and old copies of EVO magazine? You clean freak, you! :)

    Bassanio et Portia :)
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