1. L

    Slc builder recommendations

    Hey there. , my name is Mario, been lurking , reading , and following posts . I have decided to buy an slc . Fell in love with this car the second I saw it . I chose not to build one my self because I’ll never finish it. My business requires a lot of time. And I’m opening a new business over...
  2. Jkviper

    New Jersey Builder

    Hi Everyone, I've been visiting the site for about 5 months now and am really enjoying it. Especially learning about how people are approaching their builds. I live in Central New Jersey and have been a car nut all my life. While I enjoy many hobbies(1/4 scale and 1/5 scale RC racing, model...
  3. F

    Anyone get their RCR kit Graziano shipped recently?

    I have been unable to get an answer on when my Graziano will ship to my builder from RCR. Has anyone been waiting for one and got one recently? My builder wants to progress with the build however without a transaxle he will soon be at a standstill. If its going to be a extended wait I will...