Slc builder recommendations

Hey there. , my name is Mario, been lurking , reading , and following posts . I have decided to buy an slc . Fell in love with this car the second I saw it . I chose not to build one my self because I’ll never finish it. My business requires a lot of time. And I’m opening a new business over the summer. .i have spoken with Fran about a turn key build. Only thing I decided on was the engine . Lsa 427 twin turbo from nre racing. Pump gas 1400 hp to the wheels. And 1375 torque yes I know over kill for the street. But I rather have it then not. it seems the possibility’s are endless on what you can build this car to be . So I a figured I’d post here what I’m looking for. My wish list

Interior. Very refined luxury with that race feel intact .guages hi tech. With info center steering wheel controls automated doors , hood and tail .Gotta have center console with cup holders for my coffee .Quick release steering wheel. More Orem looking switches , dials and buttons to operate mechanisms . Dynomat sound proofing on all doors and floor as far as I got on interior. So far

Body. All carbon fiber add on. Race tail. Wing show quality paint job. Exterior cameras not sure what to get. How many. But would like them not to be that noticeable.

Trans axle. Not sure what to do here. I know I want the correct gearing. The Graziano is my 1st choice. But can it handle the power of that motor.

So these are some of the things I’m after. Don’t know. Where to start. Where to buy. What brands. I noticed a guy on you tube. Zackri. That builds great looking slc. With tech inside. Would to talk to him. But has no phone number to contact him. So if you guys have any suggestion on builder products. Do and don’t. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time reading this and getting back to me. Love the threads the builds and admire the guys who build there own. Wish I had the time. Thanks again. If anyone is in the Houston area please message. Would really love to see one in person. Thanks again.
Fran can provide his phone number, his work is outstanding. I saw the Red SLC LT4 and he can certainly do what you are looking for.

Roger Reid

GT40s Supporter
The Builders name is Allen Zakari. His forum name is AllenSLC. Send him a PM from this forum or get his contact info from Fran. Allen has a few cars lined up so it would be best to get in the que asap.