bundle of snakes

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    GT40 Exhaust 351W, 1 3/4

    Up for sale is my Superformance Mk2 exhaust system, only test fitted on my SGT40 Mk1, never run. Red primer, mild steel, 1 3/4” dia. Fits 351 Windsor only. Selling due to change of plan. Fabricated in 2014 according to flange date stamp. Tubes can be altered to suit. Located in Botley Road...
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    Polished Stainless GT-40 Headers (351W)

    Never used, packed and ready to ship. Set of polished stainless steel headers for SBF (sized for 351W), featuring 1 5/8" (~36" long) primaries with a thick 1/2" mounting flange. The conical merge collector measures 10 1/2" in length and 2 1/2" at the outlet. The SS polished mufflers are...