1. gsharapa

    GT40 Trailer Unload

    Bought a new Mission all aluminum trailer for my GT40 and took the car to the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet/Event in San Marco, Texas. Running the Texas Hill Country with 135 Cobras was a blast for 4 days. Here is a video unloading my GT40 at the event. Unloading GT40 at Texas Cobra Club Meet...
  2. R


    I was looking at a picture of a museum in Utah an they have cobras and gt40's and behind one of the cobras is a t44 and it looks like it tastes a torque converter on it is that true? I will try to see if I can figure out how to post it.Rod
  3. P

    The Sussex GT at Goodwood

    Here's a short film I made whilst taking part in this Cobra Drivers Club event, organised by Classic Car tours: You might want to turn your volume up a little.