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  • Hi Rod, I have sent some photos via email tonight and a PM, I'm still quite new to this form of messaging so let me know which ones you get, hopefully you will get them all so I know they all work. Cheers Leon
    Hi Rod. My rear uprights are the same dimensions as the M8/20 as far as the link pickup points are concerned. the shocks mount to the upright and not the lower arms as is the case with M6, GT40s and others. The brake caliper mounting lugs are different as the originals are made to suit a specific caliper and I wanted multi fit. My plan for the next ones are to make the mounts so they can take a Lug or Radial mount caliper. The drive flange is the same as 930 P-car.
    The front Uprights are similar to the M8 But I'm doing a new model so I won't be doing the current one as I'm not real happy with them in the fact that they are not close enough to the original for my liking. I can't attach photos in this format so if you send me your email address, I will send you some photos. Cheers Leon
    HI Rod, I do a cast alloy replica McLaren M8/20 front and rear uprights they use a Commodore Axle and drive flange on the rear which have a much more robust bearing than the Corvette and the fronts use a double tapper bearing again far better than the Corvette ones. If you are interested and would like some photos send me a PM, Cheers Leon.
    Hi tell me if you need inner and outer roof welded and need a surround then I give you a cost included freight .
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