1. R

    FS USA Avon CR6 ZZ tires for sale

    This is a full set of Avon CR6 ZZ used tires from my Superformance GT40. Fronts are 215/60R15 (date code 2608) and rears are 295/50R15 (date code 0308). There is 6/32" tread depth remaining on all four. They have no signs of cracking or checking. They would make a good set for a rolling...
  2. J

    SPF white gelcoat

    i have SPF GT40 Mk2 P2116 and have a scratch. about 5 in. long on rear shell thru Gelcoat. rough edges. i'm assuming this is gelcoat. is there a number or code for white on this car? local boatyard gellcoat repair expert guy asks. thanks
  3. M

    Porsche 986 trans

    I've had some advise that the 986 Boxter trans is a good one to use. Has anyone used one? What code letters/numbers should I look for that would have the LSD (or do they have them)?