SPF white gelcoat

john bach

GT40s Supporter
i have SPF GT40 Mk2 P2116 and have a scratch. about 5 in. long on rear shell thru Gelcoat. rough edges. i'm assuming this is gelcoat. is there a number or code for white on this car? local boatyard gellcoat repair expert guy asks. thanks
For some difficult paint matches, I have taken my cars down to a DuPont paint dealer, not a painter, they have a device that sits on the area you want to match and illuminates it with one or several spectrums of light, then it produces an exact paint mix combination that for me has been perfect. I have used it on solid, metallic, pearl colors. I have had the device produce an original color mix but usually years, oxidation, sun fading will alter the original color.
all paint products SUPERFORMANCE (HI TECH AUTO) has used in the last 15 years plus are PPG products.

Not so, they switched to Glasurit a few years back. I can provide a color codes if you can confirm what color white your car is painted (i.e. Wimbledon White or "Hi Tech White).