1. right side.jpg

    right side.jpg

    DAX40 right
  2. rear.jpg


    DAX40 rear, adjustable spoiler
  3. 20230824_144848.jpg


    DAX40 Ford 302 with EFI, Renault UN1 Transaxle
  4. 20230824_144835.jpg


    DAX40 Ford 302 with EFI. Jenvey throttle bodies and Emerald K6 ECU.
  5. 20230824_144721.jpg


    DAX40 interior
  6. C

    DAX GT40 wiring Diagram

    Hi All. Long time lurker. Looking for an original DAX GT40 wiring loom diagram please. Thanks Chris
  7. wolodymyr

    GT40 and Ultima GTR

    Visit from my friend Bill with his awesome Ultima GTR 6.2 Litre Twin Turbo LS3.
  8. N

    Urgent Help

    Hello to all of you. I hope you'll all excuse this unusual post and understand why I am making it. As a consequence of my Cousins tragic illness (Alzheimer's) , I find myself the custodian of DAX replica chassis No1 GT40 replica. I have no idea if this has any great value or not. There is...