1. D

    Emissions Part 2 UK

    Just been in touch with Adam Wilkins who is the Editor of Complete Kit Car he has confirmed that the rules for emissions stay the same. As for Cars that are already registered they are not going to be affected by the proposals, so they will continue with the same MoT test as they always had...
  2. D

    Emissions good news for the UK

    We've just received a call from the Department for Transport confirming that they will not proceed with the part of the emissions regulation proposals that affected kit cars. There were over 2000 responses to the consultation. A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The UK’s...
  3. brettmcc

    UK: Proposed changes to emissions

    All (especially UK), Please read the items in the link and please put forward your view. In a nutshell, it looks as though the emissions relaxation for our kit/replica cars is being proposed to be withdrawn. It means you'd have to meet current emissions. I am also reading it that it may...
  4. B

    Post 75 302

    I'm in the early days of my build and still working on what components to use a quick look for 302s and there very sparse on the ground I know it's ideal to use a pre 75 but how much difficulty will it cause buying a newer engine with emissions etc just so I'm not restricted to such a small...